The Most Important Names of Independent Music Meet at “Independent Music Days”

The Most Important Names of Independent Music Meet at “Independent Music Days”!

The Independent Music Producers Association (BMYD), which was established in 2021 with the aim of bringing together independent music producers in Turkey under the same roof, announced the large-scale launch event.

We are meeting at Kadıköy Museum Gazhane on Sunday, November 13.

The project, which will be held for the first time this year under the name of Independent Music Days, is progressing with the support of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Department, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture AŞ and MERLIN. The organization planned for November 13, 2022 at the Museum Gazhane, panels consisting of the most distinguished names of independent music, the "Independent Music Overview Workshop" organized with the content partnership of the Istanbul Bilgi University Cultural Policy and Management Research Center, and the artists selected among the artists who applied on open call. It will come to life with the “Independent Stage”, which it will bring together with the audience. The museum is designed as a polyphonic time period and space in the square area of Gazhane, under the name of "Choral Zone", where different vocal ensembles and choirs come together to sing their songs as well as their own songs. In this session of 45-50 minutes, a collaborative singing workshop will also be held with the participation of the audience.

BMYD, which has been the representative in Turkey of important international independent music institutions such as IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association), WIN (Worldwide Independent Network) and MERLIN Network; that independent music producers in the music industry have access to equal, competitive and fairer opportunities, that all kinds of music can meet their listeners more easily and effectively, that there is more real-time data flow within the industry, that information can be accessed in a transparent manner, that independent productions and producers are paved, that revenues are maximized. continues to work for the purpose of creating a sector where new income sources and channels can be produced, contributing to the growth of the music market, without monopolies, and a living space where all components of the sector support each other.

Panel Program:

11.00 – 11.45 Digital Distribution and Its Changing Dynamics

Moderator: Engin Akıncı Zoom Music Management Founder and BMYD Vice President

Paul Sanders The state51 Music Group / Founder

Yasemin Barlas Believe / Senior Label Manager

Bora Turan Entertainment Factory / Founder

12.00 – 12.45 Edition in the Digital Age

Moderator: Zeynep Gürel Editorial & Manager

Ali Coşar Median Music Edition and Founding Partner of Baraka Production

Mine Aksoy All Stars Music

Hande Tüfekci Allovi Muzikotek – Music Publishing & Legal Affairs

13.00 – 13.45 Joint Licensing in Professional Associations

Burcu Alnıçık Musical Work Owners Group Professional Association (MSG) Deputy Secretary General

Recep Ergül Chairman of the Music Authors' Union (MESAM)

Ahmet Türkoğlu, General Secretary of the Associated Rightholder Phonogram Producers Professional Association (MÜ-YAP)

Burhan Şeşen Musician / Music Interpreters Professional Association (MÜYORBİR) Chairman of the Board of Directors

15.00 – 15.45 Music and New Media

Moderator: Yavuz Hakan Tok Music Researcher and Music Writer

Yasemin Şefik Narrator, Writer and Comedian

İpek Atcan Music writer & Presenter

Volkan Öge & Tansu Tuncel Batesmotelpro / Founding Partners

Yalçın Birol Founder of Content Maker Music and Content Agency

16.00 – 16.45 Indie: Being Indie in the Music Industry

Moderator: Mahmut Çınar Musician and Writer

Server Uraz Rap music artist, music and media producer, music director

Can Sertoğlu Ferment Records co-founder, Manager (MORE management) and Newspaper Wall Writer

Ünal Yüksel Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Apollon Unity

17.00 – 17.45 BMYD x MERLIN Session – Question and Answer

MERLIN (Pre-recorded presentation)

Hadi Elazzi (Closing Speech, q&a) Co-Founder of GRGDN Music / Chairman of BMYD

Artists to Perform at the Independent Stage:


Ahmet Beyler

Den Ze

Elif Baziki

Emre Azaklar

Gökçe Kasacı




Lâl İlhan

Mai Devran

Taylan Akdokur

Vincent Baykal Ada

Independent Music View Workshop

Assoc. Dr. Serhan Ada (Istanbul Bilgi University Culture and Art Management Department Faculty Member and Cultural Policy and Management Research Center Director), Dr. Funda Lena (Academician / Cultural Entrepreneur) and Ahmet Asena (MÜYAP Consultant) will take place as executives.