BMYD (Turkish Association of Independent Labels) was established in 2021 in İstanbul by the
gathering of 7 independent record companies with the aim of becoming an organization that brings independent record labels in Turkey under the same roof. 

Primary objectives of the association are:

Primary objectives of the association are: Ensuring access to equal, competitive and fairer opportunities for independents in the music industry; 

Being in contact with all local, national and international institutions and organizations operating in thein the music and entertainment field and conveying current sectoral developments to its members; 

Enabling different music genres to meet their listeners more easily and effectively; Assuring independents, who are members of the association, can access information transparently through real-time data flow;

Working to maximize revenues, creating new sources of income, contributing to the growth of the music market;

Paving the way for independent productions and producers; Preventing the monopolization of the sector.

According to IMPALA, in the music sector for example over 80% of all new releases in Europe are on SME and also micro labels. The situation is the same in our country. Independent and small-scale music companies, managers, artists, all agents in the music industry need to be able to act together against constantly changing and difficult-to-cope-alone industry conditions. BMYD (Turkish Association of Independent Labels) aims to organize training programmes such as courses, seminars, conferences and panels in order to create an ecosystem where everyone in the music industry can access equal information and collectively seek solutions to common problems; events to support independent music producing companies, artists and musicians.  

BMYD (Turkish Association of Independent Labels) is the only member of IMPALA (Independent Music Companies Association) and WIN (Worldwide Independent Network) from Turkey and a part of the MERLIN Network.

Hangi konularda çalışıyoruz?

  • Finding solutions to the current problems of the music industry in the age of digitalization
  • Sustainability
  • Protecting the rights of music producers
  • Creating an atmosphere where all sector stakeholders can compete on equal terms
  • Increasing the production and entrepreneurship of independent music.